Focused on You

Agnition provides breakthrough technologies that improve soil and plant health so you can achieve your production goals. How do we do that? The team at Agnition is most at home in a green field with dirt on its hands and maybe some mud on its boots. You won’t find us sitting behind a desk waiting for the phone to ring. We’re on the road, on your farm and anywhere we can help you stay ahead of the curve and maintain your independence.

Agnition develops cutting-edge technologies that improve the quality of your soil and the health of your farms. Our technical team conducts the research you need to make informed decisions about products that are easy-to-use and effective on your farm. From the greenhouse, to our field trials, to your fields, our primary objective is your success. And yes, we get our hands dirty along the way.

We provide you with products that increase your yields, but our vision is broader. We have developed technologies that take nutrient utilization to the next level. We are perfecting the products and technologies today that you need to tackle the issues of tomorrow.

What We Believe