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Improving producer success is a common goal everyone at Agnition shares. Our team has the knowledge, research and experience to deliver quality products that promote the performance of your soil and plants.

Agnition Sales - USA
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Peterson Bjorn.jpg
Bjorn Peterson

Regional Sales Manager View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Goebel Kenny.jpg
Kenny Goebel

Regional Sales Manager View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Jackson Adam.jpg
Adam Jackson

Regional Sales Manager View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Thompson Alan.jpg
Alan Thompson

Regional Sales Manager View Profile >
Joel Heilman

District Sales Manager View Profile >
Curt Croisant

Regional Sales Manager View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Van Keulen Grant.jpg
Grant VanKeulen

District Sales Manager View Profile >
Mike Burr

National Manufacturer Sales Manger View Profile >

Agnition Sales - Canada
EmployeeDirectoryImages/McBurney Dale.jpg
Dale McBurney

Regional Sales Manager View Profile >

Agronomy Technical Team
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Johnson Evan.jpg
Evan Johnson

Research Manager View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Raths Rachel.jpg
Rachel Raths

Research Scientist/Microbiologist View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Samyn Morgan.jpg
Morgan Mahoney

Research Scientist View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Mike Wing.jpg
Mike Wing

Research Assistant View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/lamb richard.jpg
Richard Lamb

Chemical Engineer View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Jonson Mike.jpg
Mike Johnson

Laboratory Technician View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Chandler Tom.jpg
Tom Chandler

Lead Agronomist/Research Farm Manager View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Christensen Emma.jpg
Emma Christensen

Agronomist/Greenhouse Supervisor View Profile >

Agnition Sales - Europe
Edwin Grim

General Manager, Ralco Europe View Profile >
Odette van Druenen

Sales and Marketing Manager, Ralco Europe View Profile >

Agnition Sales - Latin America
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Yancey Keith.jpg
Keith Yancey

General Manager, Ralco Latin America View Profile >

Agnition Marketing
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Lanou Andy.jpg
Andy Lanoue

Product Manager View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Wendland Ryan.jpg
Ryan Wendland

Marketing Manager View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Wegner Jenna.jpg
Jenna Schmitz

Associate Marketing Manager View Profile >

Agnition Customer Service & Finance
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Lupkes Jean.jpg
Jean Lupkes

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Kelsey Stuefen

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Quality Assurance
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Caron Tom.jpg
Tom Caron

Quality Control Manager View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Loeck Gary.jpg
Gary Loeck

Quality Assurance Technician View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Hansen Signe.jpg
Signe Hansen

Regulatory/QA Administrative Support View Profile >
Lee Isenberg

Quality Assurance Specialist View Profile >
EmployeeDirectoryImages/Marthaler Melissa.jpg
Melissa Marthaler

Regulatory/Quality Assurance Support Specialist View Profile >